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Golf Hire in Gibraltar

If it's time to leave the UK and play golf in Gibraltar, you may wonder what's the best option for hiring golf clubs when you arrive. If you have researched this, then you have probably ruled out the notion of taking your own clubs to Gibraltar due to the expense and hassle of doing so.

Where to play golf in Gibraltar

Although Gibraltar itself is not home to any golf courses, the surrounding region is a golfing mecca. Once you travel north into Spain, you will have access to some of Europe's leading golf courses. This means you will have to leave Gibraltar and enter Spain, but the journey will take less than five minutes to complete.

Flexible drop off points

If you are not renting a vehicle, you may access golf courses on the mainland via public transport and we will deliver your clubs to the golf club you intend to play at. If you have access to a vehicle, we either transport your clubs to your hotel in Gibraltar or to the airport you arrived at for your collection.

Why renting golf equipment makes sense

By far the cheapest and least hassle option is to hire your golf clubs from a golf club hire operator based in Gibraltar. Since 2013, here at Travel Caddy we've been offering exactly this service you now seek. We provide straight forward golf club hire in Gibraltar at affordable rates.

How to order your golf clubs in Gibraltar

Simply go to the order form, input your drop off location in Gibraltar and enter your playing dates. Then choose a complete set of golf clubs from top brands such as TaylorMade and Nike. When you order you clubs, we supply you with irons, putters, drivers, woods, golf trolleys, golf balls and tees. Once you've chosen your set, all you must do is pay the amount due or pay a 10% deposit. If you choose to pay a deposit, the balance is due upon collection.

What happens once you book

Once you book, we shall contact you to confirm all of the details you supply are correct. You will also receive an email to confirm the booking dates and the inventory you have selected. Once this is complete, our handler in Gibraltar shall agree to meet you at your location at a convenient time. This service is inclusive of the price you paid to hire your golf clubs from us.

Ordering from us today

If you plan to play in Gibraltar over the coming weeks or months, don't fly with your golf clubs. Instead hire them. This doesn't mean you must compromise on the quality of clubs you will play with but it does mean you will avoid the stress and expense associated with taking your own golf clubs to Gibraltar. To hire, go to the order form and follow three simple steps.