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Cabopino Golf Course Marbella

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Taylormade SLDR Irons
Taylormade SLDR 3 wood
Taylormade SLDR Hybrid
New Callway x hot s driver 10.5
Ladies Taylormade SLDR Driver

Located in the beautiful Costa del Sol region, the Cabopino golf course is just inland from the town of Cabopino just off the coast of the Mediterranean . A very scenic environment, with views of the mountains and the sea. The course is meant to be a place where golfers of all handicaps can enjoy the 18 holes the course has to offer. The Driving Range has a capacity for 30 players, with a depth of 200 metres and 160 metres wide, distance markers, bunkers and more. 

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There is a financial issue to bringing a heavy set of golf clubs with you. A lot of airliners will charge a significant fee for heavy and large cargo items like your beloved golf set.  You might end up paying more than 50 pounds to bring these clubs with you to Marbella.

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Why Cabopino Golf Club Hire would be a good idea.

Luckily, at Travel Caddy a Cabopino Golf Club hire service for a very good price. No more worrying about your clubs arriving, or thinking the next time you see your clubs they might not even be whole anymore. Cabopino Golf Club Hire is a brilliant way to make the most out of your time in the Costa del Sol.

We offer 5 different sets of clubs, from varying manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a simple Nike Vapor golf club hire, or a Taylormade SLDR full set. For women we also have a Taylormade set available.  We stock both right and left-handed clubs with steel, stiff and graphite shafts.

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